2018 - One Last Wish

1. Wishing you an amazing finish to 2018...

...and a 2019 that's nothing short of legendary!

It's been a great year with eight art events, one of which included part of the one man play I'm developing, "Aristotle Troublefield: The Origin of an Artist".

I released my newest book, "A Child of Fox and Phantom".

And I'm closing the year after hiring a 40 year storytelling vet to shepherd me to the conclusion of "The Gospel of Wolves, Season One". Seeing as how there's no real model out there for the story I'm telling, I wanted some experience to vet my ambitions.  

2. Thank you, everyone who took the time...

...to share their thoughts with me after my last email. I'm already taking the responses to heart and if you gave me your phone number to speak further, I'll call you after the new year.

If you haven't already, but would like to give me your thoughts on your single biggest frustration with receiving my emails, you can click here to tell me.

3. Too many emails to keep up with?

You can now choose to get push notifications through your browser when I have new content to share.

Whether you go to my personal site of https://chriswesley.com or my shop, https://artisticagenda.com, you can sign up to receive these notifications. If you have any questions about it, hit reply and I'll get back to you with an answer.