Let's Be Unreasonable

The Sky Isn't Even the Limit

"Write down your dream project and all of the other things you want to do. And don't be reasonable."

This was the advice I was given following my homework assignment from the man helping shepherd the completion of my novel "The Gospel of Wolves, A Season of Sunder".

My first thought after hearing this was, "wow, I can't believe that a professional with 40 years of experience would read my work and encourage that I take that kind of license".

My second thought is, "then again, why not me after all the work, time and money spent to hone my craft and vision"?

By extension, why not you as well? Why not us?

The thing is, I think we should all be dreaming big about whatever makes us feel alive and see no reason any of us should be in the least bit moderate. I mean really. 

Far easier said than done, I know, and after all these years, I've still only met a small number of people who I can have these kinds of conversations with and leave it feeling like I've met a true kindred spirit of purposeful pursuit.

To combat that, I'm proposing that you join me and take a good long look at the things you would love to achieve whether it's business or personal, whether you want to share them with me or not and simply put them on paper. I mean dream as big as you can imagine.

Then, find the people you need to support you through accountability, contacts, education, whatever it is that you need to begin working your way towards that success.

Is it easy? Hell no.

I've been at this in one form or another for 35 years. In that time, I've sacrificed my feelings more times than I can count, opening myself up to potential failure and criticism that's left me wondering what made me think I had any talent in the first place. No, I'm not looking for sympathy here. I say this, because I know I have to care more about my craft than my ego and to get as good as I can possibly be, I'll have to never stop learning, stretching and growing.

But back to you. Will you join me?

I'm not talking about a resolution here. I'm talking about a lifestyle shift that leaves you charged and invigorated in the ways that matter to you.

I'm in a new phase of my creative journey no matter who ultimately releases The Gospel of Wolves or how many of boxes I tick off of my dream to-do list (my writing shepherd thinks I should seriously consider publishing it traditionally).

To get this party started, I'm sharing my list so far. I'm sure it will grow and get tweaked by reality, but it's a start and gives you an idea of just how big I'm hoping you'll consider going with your list.

Feel free to comment or use my contact form to email me your list if you want to share with me and/or the world.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing pieces of the journey and the many ways I find to both infuriate and inspire myself to keep at this every single day.

And now, the list of what I want to do with my talents. Some of these things I've already done or have begun building. Note that my goal is for each individual line item, regardless of medium, to involve at least one brand new story line, not just adaptations from one media source to another:

A series of novels that includes: The Gospel of Wolves books that each cover a "season". Each book comes with a minimum of a 5 song EP and an art collection derived from the art created by characters in the book. The seasons I have mapped out so far are:

      • A Season of Sunder
      • Hunting Season

Historical fiction novels telling the stories of some of the old-money wealthy families in the storyworld.

      • Hirsch family
      • Straka family

A series of Anthologies that contain short stories that give a new and additive perspective to the stories in the novels. Each anthology comes with a minimum of a 5 song EP and an art collection derived from the art created by characters in the anthology:

    • Love Birds in Soul Cages (Short Fictions and Fascinations)
    • The False Monarchy of Lions (Short Fictions and Rebellions)

A series of Art fiction books that combine art and fiction is a brand new way (like what I did with "A Child of Fox and Phantom")

A membership website that takes readers even deeper into the story world with:

    • exclusive content not available anywhere else or made available months or years before being available elsewhere
    • a wiki including all the characters, histories and other information that ties things together

Collectible bookmarks that include original art and unlock advance access to new stories on the membership website

Collectible StoryCard Postcard set featuring original art on one side and a flash-fiction on the back that unfolds one card at a time. The cards are mailed each week for a 52-part story.

Book release concert with in-character performances and other characters in attendance played by actors

Stories told in social media feeds w/character arcs told in character POV

    • Gaelle Miranda Hirsch
    • Martha Price

Graphic novels for speculative future story lines

Streaming series for: Q-Ree-Us Tec Collective (A technology collective that creates and provides technology for the entertainment sector with a dual purpose of weaponizing its use by a crime organization with political ties)

Virtual Reality game based on the speculative future story lines

Feature films where all advertising is made of short/micro films with original content instead of normal trailers showing scenes from film, posters would be pieces of art made in character that ties into the movie in a compelling way while still advertising the actual title and release date.

Theatrical plays

So how much of this can I really do?

I'm excited to find out.

How about you? Is there anything on your wish list, that would fill you up in ways you could never explain to another?

Are you willing to give it a shot and see if you can make it happen?

Let me know if you're joining me in this endeavor.

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