Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Moon Shine - Street Photography Digital Remix

I'm not a believer in "Happy Mondays", the mid-week "Hump Day" or the "Happy Friday" because I make an effort to stack my entire week with good things.

It was at some point in my early twenties where I realized that I had begun spending five days of every single week looking forward to two. That was no fun at all.

So, I reinvented my calendar and cooked up bits of awesomeness to sprinkle throughout my week ever since.

I encourage you to do the same whenever you find yourself being shortchanged on how appetizing life can be.

Some things that are inspiring me at the moment:

  • The HBO show "True Detective". In this season, they've recaptured the tone of the first season and trimmed the plot line down. The Easter Eggs hinting that there's a tie-in to the first season is also intriguing me.
  • The podcast "Business Wars" is essentially research for the upcoming war between Halon Media Group and Phanterra Entertainment in my own book, but even still, the historical perspectives in the fights between Hearst and Pulitzer, Marvel vs. DC, Southwest vs. American Airlines and others is still fascinating to me.
  • Travel. My wife and I have plans in the near future to go to Aruba, China, Japan, South Africa and to various places in the US. I love experiencing new cultures and feeling the vibrations of new cities.
  • Spending time just creating. The image above, "Moon Shine" was just completed yesterday morning even though part of me felt I should be doing something more productive. The time when I was fully engaged in the act of creating however, was pure bliss.The image was of the car outside "Cuba Libre", a restaurant in the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City and it's something I've wanted to do something with ever since I took a photo of it with my camera a couple years ago.

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