Precious [Original Fine Art]

Precious [Original Fine Art]

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With power, comes temptation and the desire to flirt with what pleasures the world offers. "Precious" hints at what indulgences might be pursued and pairs it with one of America's most complicated icons, Barbie.

Precious presents the African American woman in an Expressionist Photograph that displays her in the experience phase of self-acceptance. At this point, she's discovering how she fits in to the world around her and testing the limits of what she is capable of. As she connects with new ideas and truisms that resonates with her, she begins to stoke new flames not just in herself, but in those around her.

The Chronology of Queens Collection mixes the African American ideas of identity as descendants of queens with the American cultural milestones of age, then contrasts it with the fact, that while portraits are almost expected of royalty, it is a rite of passage oft forgotten by the Queens enduring the melanin enriched experience in America.

Wesley chose Barbie dolls as models because of the polarizing stigma that surrounds them. While the dolls now represent a variety of races and ethnicity, they remain an exaggerated icon of what is purported to be the perfect female form.

Yet, when viewed in a different perspective, the dolls represent a woman who is both self-made and capable on her own. She may keep a man when she so chooses, but in no fashion, does she ever require one to be whole.

This is the essence Wesley conveys in the portraits that make up The Chronology of Queens.

FINE ART SIZE: 29" X 17".

TYPE: Beautifully framed archival ink on Canson Rag Photographique premium fine art paper. I chose this paper because the colors are brilliant and there is no glare so you can enjoy this piece from anywhere in the room you place it.

It comes ready to hang on your wall or be shown on an easel.

My Fine Art originals are the pieces of art I had printed for public exhibition.

FIRST EXHIBITION: Eclecticism / Revealing Visions. A group show at Jerry Weems' Art Studio and Gallery in Los Angeles, CA on October 27, 2018.

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